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All About Autopia Motorsports

Autopia Motorsports fulfills all the needs of automotive race enthusiasts and the businesses that support them. For drivers, from the novice to the weekend racer we can do it all, whether you want to try your skill around the track for the first time or want to run with the big dogs.

For businesses, Autopia Motorsports helps club tracks to develop new revenue streams and new business by leveraging your existing infrastructure. Our goal is to provide you a business model that will continue to grow throughout the life of the track.

With over 40 year combined corporate, racing, and track development experience we can make it happen for you.

  • Club Track Business and Revenue Development
  • Club Track Management
  • Club Racing Series Development
  • Marketing and Social Media Development
  • Private Professional Instruction
  • Event Management
  • Open Track Days / HPDE’s / Teen Education
  • Corporate Team Building

See What Our Customers Have To Say!!

I LOVE AUTOPIA!!! They made my track day experience truly enjoyable. They put me at ease right from the start and continued to be patient with me as I learned throughout the day. I am definitely a much better driver and cannot wait to go back!
Jerry C., Customer
Thank you Autopia! The track event that you help us organize for our customers was outstanding. Instructors were top notch and the day ran very smoothly. Can’t wait to do it again!
Corey W., Customer
I really enjoyed and got value from the extra track time, extra instructor time and the reduced standing around time waiting for my run group. Definitely keep me on your mailing list and let me know when the next one is. Thank you.
Sam H., Customer